In the beginning was the void and the void was dark, as dark as really shit chocolate.
From the five (approx) corners of the multiverse they came.. Pigsmoke, Hoopoe, Bullhitter, Hello Kitty and Smiling Rock Hydrax..
Approaching slowly at first they became accustomed to each others peculiar smells and contemplated what to do with all that emptiness..
Bullhitter smacked his head against a bank of wet peat.. then he did it again.. and again, repeatedly until in sympathy the rest of the elementals mimicked his crude attempts at rhythm making..
Pigsmoke plucked an exposed oak root and it vibrated deeply. Then Smiling Rock Hydrax caressed the hanging boughs of a weeping willow whilst Hello Kitty threw pebbles against a waterfall. Hoopoe squawked.
The sound was beautiful and terrifying.
All the creatures of the multiverse were drowned in the noise as if engulfed by a primeval tidalwave (unless they were still in the bar). 

Nothing would ever be the same again.. PPZN had been born.